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Chatra is a modern and easy to use app that allows you to chat with visitors of your store, answering their questions and helping them place an order, thus increasing your sales.

It has a range of useful features, including ability to see who’s there on your website and automatically or manually trigger a conversation without waiting for a customer to message you first. You can see what items they have in their shopping cart or read minds by knowing what they are typing even before the message is sent.

Chatra will also keep the conversation history forever both for you and your customers, so the conversation will not be interrupted if a customer goes to a different page or leaves your store. They may come back in a few days or even months, see previous messages and continue the dialogue.

Apart from nice features, Chatra also has a beautiful and easy to use interface.

Boost sales

Answer questions, clarify concerns, cross-sell and upsell. We’ll help you to increase the number of orders and boost average order value.

Build an email list

Every time a customer submits a question when you’re not there, Chatra stores their email to use in your future marketing efforts.

Defeat cart abandonment

A simple, automatic message asking “Hey, can we help you with anything?” could be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.

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Free 14-day trial

Online chat and offline messenger

You can chat with your customers in real time from the web-dashboard or desktop/mobile apps, and receive their messages 24/7 with offline messenger mode. Chatra welcomes customers with faces of your team and invites them to get in touch through friendly targeted auto-messages.

Compatible with most devices

Your customers can reach you from any device they have.

Cart saving with automatic triggers and visitors online list

Start a conversation without waiting for your customers to message you first. Automatically offer a discount for customers who spend too much time in the shopping cart or offer your assistance on complicated pages with automatic triggers, or send them a message manually from the real-time visitors list.

Widget customization

Customize the widget to match your store design.

Visitor information and shopping cart contents

Chatra provides you with useful context like what page a visitor is on and what page/website they came from, what browser and OS they have and where they are located. You can also see the list of items a visitor has in their shopping cart.

Email unread replies

If you sent a message to a visitor, but they did not read your reply in the chat, it will be automatically forwarded to their email address.

Typing insights and saved replies

See what your customers are typing even before they hit “Send” and prepare an answer beforehand. Use previously saved replies for even faster support.

Typos correction

If you noticed a mistake in your reply after you’ve already sent it – don’t worry. You can quickly edit or delete your recent messages.

Group chats

Several agents can chat with the same customer. They will be impressed, trust us!

Invisible mode

This mode allows agents to receive notifications only when they are invited by other agents, so you can invite your whole team to Chatra and connect a right specialist only when there’s a need for that. This mode also allows you to complete ongoing conversations at the end of the workday without receiving new ones.

Operating hours

Set hours when you want to be online. Your status will be automatically set to online in the beginning of the workday, and to invisible at the end.

Chat ratings

Your visitors can rate a conversation and leave a comment, so you can see how well agents are performing, and collect feedback to improve your service.

Chat reports

See how many conversations with how many visitors you had, the average response time and chat ratings.

Desktop and mobile apps

Browser version has all the functionality you need, but if you prefer using apps or want to chat on the go, Chatra has got you covered with apps for Windows & Mac, as well as for Android & iOS.

Functional free forever plan

The free plan allows one agent to be online at a time, includes all basic features, and also mobile apps, Google Analytics integration and some API options.

Get started with Chatra – it takes only a few minutes.

Test all paid features for 14 days after you sign up and then decide if you’d like to keep those features and upgrade your account, or if the free version is enough for you. No coding required, simply install the app and start increasing your sales with little help from Chatra.

Get Chatra

Free 14-day trial